Welcome to the Australia Evergreen Group

The Australia Evergreen Group, is a company which has core business platforms in Australian real estate, tourism, education and trade. The company is located in Cairns, gateway city to the Tropical Far North, home to the famous Great Barrier Reef and well known as Australia’s premiere rainforest vacation capital. The company’s commitment to the core values of integrity, innovation, improving the quality of life and the pursuit of a city-life/back-to-nature core concept, are paramount and integral to its management values of providing clients with a highly personalized professional service!

The Evergreen Group is particularly committed to the growth of Queensland and the Far North of Australia. Currently, the focus in this region is on the overall planning and development of the first and second phases of two large-scale real estate projects: “Golden Lakes” and “Orchid North.” The two projects are located within and around the lush greens of one of Australia’s most challenging and spectacular Golf courses, Paradise Palms (designed by Australia Champion, Graham Marsh). “Golden Lakes” and “Orchid North,” featuring 800 luxury resort-style apartments, are currently among Australia’s largest real estate developments.

The Australia Evergreen Group has a wide range of business and strategic partners in China Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Inner Mongolia and other places. The Group hopes – through their own strengths and trade platforms, to assist more overseas investors – in China in particular, with accurate links to reasonable investment projects in Australia so that a broader range of prospective stakeholders can develop a greater knowledge and understanding of Northern Australia and the Cairns region. Our hope and our mission: to promote and modestly contribute to the prosperity of Australia through building strategic partnerships, positive friendships and interactions, and to building solid bridges to mutually beneficial trade.